Are you an Empath that's ready to take control of your emotional life and trust yourself more... at work
We'll show you how!
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Presented by: Tiff & Jack Walker

The Unstoppable Empath Lab is different than anything you've attended before! It's designed with YOU, the working Empath professional in mind... to help you revive, rejuvenate, and activate your Empath self ... at work!

Everything you need to know about the Unstoppable Empath Lab...

  • Why the Unstoppable Empath Lab?
    Being an Empath is awesome and tricky at the same time, but being an Empath at work is even trickier. You love to help and make a positive difference, BUT if you aren't tending to your sensitive nervous system you'll feel like awful. We're here to help you turn that around. 
  • ​What is the Unstoppable Empath Lab? 
    Real-time learning, coaching, connection, and engagement with Tiff & Jack as you learn the most important ins-and-outs of being an Empath at work. Are you ready for a massive REBOOT-AND-RESTORE of your nervous system?
  • When does it start? 
    Monday, April 18, 2022.
  • Where and what time will it be held? 
    The Lab will be hosted via Zoom, Monday - Friday at 5:30pm MST. 
    *Time zone helper > 5:30pm MST (4:30pm PST; 6:30pm CST; 7:30pm EST; 12:30am next day London; 9:30am next day Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  • How do I save my spot? 
    Click the "REGISTER NOW" button and you'll receive an email with all of the instructions you'll need. 
  • ​What if I can't make it live? 
    No worries, you'll have access to all of the replays.
  • How do I share the love?
    Don't do this alone, invite your Empath friends to join you by sharing this page with them, or tell them to go to, to register today.
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Check out what you'll learn and experience in this "hands-on" lab 

April 18 @ 5:30pm MST
*Replays available daily.
  • Self-sabotaging Thoughts at Work
  • ​Self-sabotaging Behaviors at Work
  • ​Your Dream Empath Work Life Starts HERE
April 19 @ 5:30pm MST
*Replays available daily.
  • Fast Path to Mental and Physical Wellness
  • ​Better Self-esteem and Stress Relief
  • ​Pleasure (Never Felt so Good)
April 20 @ 5:30pm MST
*Replays available daily.
  • Your Thoughts Become Your WORLD
  • ​Rework Your Reality
  • ​Being Unstoppable at Work
April 21 @ 5:30pm MST
*Replays available daily.
  • "Was I born this way?"
  • ​Recognize Your Intuitive Guidance System
  • ​Activate!
DAY 5: Q&A
April 22 @ 5:30pm MST
*Replays available daily.
  • A's to your important Q's
  • ​Be Coached by Tiff & Jack
Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe!

Presented by: 
Tiff & Jack

Meet Tiffany Walker PNLP, CCHt

Tiffany Walker is a natural-born Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Healer, teacher, coach, mother of 6 and gusing her spiritual skills to help people know their life purpose, clarify their life path, open financial abundance, and place protections in place that stop/block “haters” in their tracks.

Tiff & Jack coach working Empath professionals out of burnout and into work/life balance through applying the principles of energy management, mindset mastery, and psychic development.

Meet Jack Walker PNLP, CCHt

Jack Walker is a CEO, Master Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist for Empaths, and a Motivational Speaker. He helps clients break through the limiting beliefs holding them back from having whatever it is they desire to be-do-or-have. 

Tiff & Jack are married and together are the owners and founders of Thought Tracks Coaching & Healing Inc, the creators of the worldwide Empath Rise & Thrive Group Coaching & Spiritual Healing Program, and the hosts of the Unstoppable Empath LIVE Show, the Unstoppable Empath Podcast, and the Unstoppable Empath LAB.

The global conditions we are experiencing have made it clearer NOW, more than ever before, that the sensitive healing way of the Empath is much needed. 

We lovingly invite you to do something radical and take time for yourself, and join us for our Unstoppable Empath Lab.  You'll gain insight into your sensitive self that you've not seen before. 

This training isn't for everyone, just those that are willing to open their minds and hearts to FEEL something BEYOND what their eyes can see.

Our goal for you? After attending the Unstoppable Empath Lab that you'll never again see your Empath Way as being something "wrong" with you, but that you'll feel happy that you are. 

No matter where you find yourself today, may you find some light.

Stick with us . . . we'll help you make this a reality.

See you there.


Tiff & Jack
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